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I Am the Sitonotis


I don't use my powers for good. I use them for awesome.
"unnecessary" quotation marks, 1...nc6, against me!, alliteration, archaic words, assigning percents to things, awesome shit, awkward situations, axioms, balalaikas, being a bad speller, being a dork, being a food snob, being a super-sleuth, being fickle, being frustrated, being smarter than you, big comfortable beds, building forts, chewing ice, cincinnati, compulsive listmaking, concord grapes, craigslist, cruciferous vegetables, crushes, custard, dark comedy, double entendre, early rem, edward gorey, email trysts, engaging conversation, existential crises, exuding boyish charm, ezra jack keats, falling in love, faltering at the moment-of-truth, findlay market, fleeting obsessions, food porn, food science, found objects, freedom from religion, funny-sounding words, gil scott-heron, graeter's, hamell on trial, hating wal-mart, having bad handwriting, herbes de provence, homestar runner, howard finster, huevos rancheros, insouciance, irony, irrational hatred of wilco, jim carroll, jim harrison, john bellairs, jonathan richman, julian barnes, kids in the hall, knowing who i am, laughing out loud, ludlow, magnetic poetry, maintaining f-list gender balance, making a mess, making bread, making eye contact, making fun of people, making myself sneeze, mcsweeney's, michael chabon, michael ondaatje, mix cds, modern lovers, moral ambiguity, narcolepsy, nicknames, non fiction, non-sequitors, non-whiny indie rock, not driving, not meeting my potential, not taking this seriously, old-fashioned letter writing, old-school manners, origami, osso buco, palindromes, peter mayle, predator-prey relationships, pretending to be canadian, q and not u, quiddler, quietly plotting my revenge, quirkyness, quizzes, random outbursts of song, ranking things, rhodia notebooks, rick moody, roald dahl, sarcasm, scaring small children, self destructive behaviour, sherlock holmes, sicilian defense, sitwells, sock puppet yeast, storytelling, talking to myself, talking with your hands, the comet, the feelies, things that smell good, thinly veiled contempt, tigerlilies, tmlmtbgb, tom waits, toothpaste for dinner, typography, uncle tupelo, urban decay, using big words, velvet underground, what makes people tick, whimsy, zoning-out on the 47