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Clumsy cooks with no alcohol tolerance should refrain from cooking with a cup of wine, drinking two glasses, then using fussy yet razor sharp knives to chop parsley.

Just saying.

I did get a pretty awesome risotto out of this, though.

BTW, I'm adorkandhispork on twitter, so if you'd like to follow me there (and aren't already) you may. Thanks.

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The same thing happens to me every Friday.

I keep a running post-it note listing all of the healthy, positive, productive and interesting things I want to do over the weekend...

...and then I promptly loose the note.

It's a wonder I get through the day.

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I really, really needed this past weekend. I think I can turn the emotional autopilot off and get back to work.

Hope you all enjoyed the sunshine. :D

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Things are okay. Not perfect.

The tiny parking lot behind the building is still Donnerpartyesque, with the Hoopty's right front tire stuck in a six-inch deep ice crater and not able to drive out of it. I might have to wait until spring.

I've forgotten, in this past year, how liberating it feels to be carless while at the same time annoyed at how long it takes me to get to work. My commute is like six minutes tops (i work basically on the other side of Mitchell, so it's just up Clifton and around). But there is no way I can get to work in less than 100 minutes or so due to how the buses run. The 51 to Reading and transferring to the 47 is theoretically quickest but the timing of the two routes typically means I JUST miss the first 47 and have to stand and wait for another one 40 minutes later. Anyway.

And! it's now more expensive to use public transportation than it is to drive. I only drive to work and back and put between 8-12 dollars in my tank every Friday, and now it's $1.75 with a transfer. RRRG.

So this looks to be a good weekend. My friend is taking me to Amol for a belated bday lunch, I'm making chicken stock tonight (I'm half tempted to cool it under my car so that it melts everything away. Carbon monoxide would add a nice tang, no?) and watching movies tomorrow.

Hope you are all happy and warm.


I was able to move my car about 18 inches this morning with the help of a hammer, my bench scraper, a screwdriver and my nascent rage. I give up.

My chicken stock, however, was beyond awesome.



Mother. of. all. toothaches. Last few days, along the gumline. Searing, throbbing, hurts to chew. Ice deadens the pain slightly. This is new.

I think I need to deal with this toothache like an adult. (Also new.)

By that I mean, I think I need to deal with this toothache the way an adult would deal with a toothache, not the way I would deal with an adult.

Tell me this, people. Why do so many sadists choose pediatric dentistry as a career? You would think there would be some sort of screening process. Bad memories.

I'm making an appointment first thing monday.

Nothing Grave

Hello Eljay

So I just deleted a fairly long and extremely whiny post, bemoaning the state of my job and my Hoopty Car and my anemic exercise routine these past few days.

Seriously, people, if "being a slacker with a starting-to-rust old car who has fallen off the jogging wagon for a few days." is the worst I can say, how bad can things really be?

Perspective is sometimes a good thing.

Oh, funny thing happened today. A daydream started drifting into a "real" dream, and in this daydream a cop car suddenly pulled out of a driveway, which instantly roused me. Ha!

Anyway, hi. Hope you're all well.